We're building christian cancer center. Together.

Charitable Christian Foundation in memory of Timosha Sanko

Who we are?

Timosha's Smile is a Christian charitable foundation in memory of Timosha Sanko. The founders of the foundation are Timosha's parents - Yurii and Yuliia Sanko.

Our goal

Construction and provision of a Christian center of medical care and guardianship for the study and treatment of leukemia in children.

Our values

We went through pain and loss, difficult treatment, frustration and exhaustion, and realized what was really valuable. Click below to learn more


The story of Dmytryk from Rivne

We are contacted by parents of children with various diagnoses. And the pain for the ill baby simply does…

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The story of Ilyusha from Chernihiv

Lord, how nice it is to write about LIFE! My Ukraine is experiencing so much pain… And the news…

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A wonderful story about a teacher and her student

Here is another wonderful rescue story. Every time I read them, I raise my heart to Heaven. And thank…

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The story of Savushka from Kharkiv

I know that work should always be separated from personal life. And do not take the stories you touch…

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The story of Nastinka from Volyn

Every evacuation story started with you! Your repost, trust, and donations – made “Timosha’s Smile” familiar and accessible to…

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The story of Sasha

I will say frankly, none of “Timosha’s Smile” team EVER PREPARED for evacuation. We did not know how, and…

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Exactly 60!!!

Today is a special day. For me personally, it was very exciting, I cried a lot, and mixed feelings…

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The wonderful story of Alinochka

Today’s story is another incredible miracle! An incredible situation happened on one of our evacuation trips. Coordinator Svitlana and…

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The story of Zlatochka from Volyn

Do you know that we are building the first Christian oncology clinic in Ukraine for children with blood cancer?…

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The story of Katrusia Dyadyk from Khmelnytskyi

Another story. Another destiny. Another whole world! This is not another few paragraphs. This is about hopes, plans, aspirations…

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