The "Timosha's Smile" foundation

In memory of our Timosha. Your smile warms our hearts. All our way from pain to calling is described in the autobiographical book of Yuliia Sanko "A Story of one Soul"

Our Story

John 12:24 “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.’’

Our project started back in 2018, when our son Timosha was diagnosed with blood cancer (leukemia). We started treatment in Ukraine, continued in Belarus and finished in Italy. Of course, like all parents, we were looking for an opportunity for our child to get treatment in the best medical institutions.

In August, 2019 Timosha died.

Treatment in one of the best hospitals in Europe (Italy) has left a deep imprint in our hearts. At that time, being in that ideal conditions for patients and parents, the Dream appeared in our hearts. When we returned home without our boy, that Dream didn’t disappear.

On February 14, 2020, on Timosha’s birthday, we told out loud to our friends and strangers that with God’s help we are planning to build the first Christian oncology centre in Ukraine for the study and treatment of leukemia in children. Our dream has been supported by thousands of caring hearts. We have founded Christian charitable Foundation “Timosha’s smile”. The purpose of which is to build and ensure the functioning of this medical centre.

In the News section you can read step by step how God is doing what he has called us to do.

In order to find out our entire path from pain to the calling, you can read the autobiographical book of Yulia Sanko “The Story of One Soul” (www.SankoStory.com, @sankostory_book)

Our Mission

Provide effective treatment for children who have been diagnosed with leukemia in cooperation with health workers, scientists and parents. Research and provide treatment of leukemia in children.

Our Vision

To build Christian medical centre for the study and treatment of leukemia in children.
To support children during and after the treatment.
To support their families during and after the treatment.

Our Values

«Coram Deo»
In the presence of God. God’s invisible presence builds our faith, motivates our words and actions.
We want to make it easier for children and their parents to go through the process of treatment so that children and their parents experience a minimum of suffering, both physical and mental.
We have a modern approach to personnel selection, work organization, treatment protocols, medical equipment and work with patients and parents.
We will not only provide treatment but also do everything possible to ensure that sick children and their parents receive comprehensive social, phycological, pedagogical support and assistance. That includes hospital school, palliative care and funeral service.
God – is the creator of every human being. Every human being has the right to proper treatment, attitude and death.
We want to give hope to everyone who will undergo treatment.

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