About Child Life

When a terrible disease breaks into the children’s world, everything turns upside down. You leave your favorite Lego at…

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Blitz interview with Svitlana Lepekha

Today, in #Timosha’s_Smile_team, we will get to know a person who is the first to see how God works…

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God's great care for little Angelina

No matter how difficult life’s paths are, the Lord is always near you. He holds our feeble hands firmly…

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Chief Physician of "Timosha's Smile"

For many days his body was rotting from a terrible disease. The unbearable physical pain became even stronger because…

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The first evacuation bus

Exactly one year ago, on March 7, the first evacuation bus organized by the Christian Charitable Foundation “Timosha’s Smile”…

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Parents with incredible hearts!

In the Clinic, we will pay special attention to the parents of our patients. These are people with strong…

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Blitz interview with Tetyana Ivanyuk

Today, in #Timosha’s_Smile_team we will get to know the administrator of the Foundation Tetyana IVANYUK. A tireless worker, a…

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A story about big impacts from small things

Small acts of big hearts can change human destinies.  We recently made sure of this. It seems that an…

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One Year…

The terrible war changed us. But we learned to go to victory despite the pain! 71!!! Christian Charitable Foundation…

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Sad statistics

Children’s oncology is a topic that is often overlooked. This is not surprising, because the issue is complex, painful,…

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