Parents with incredible hearts!


In the Clinic, we will pay special attention to the parents of our patients.

These are people with strong and beautiful souls. Their faith can work miracles. Their love knows no bounds. Their world turned upside down in one day, but they didn’t give up. They know how to fight and pray. They know how to smile at their little ones, hiding the pain deep in their hearts. And they, like no one else, know how to love, sacrifice, and give.

We want the Hospital to serve them, and they build it together with us!

We are inspired by the messages we receive every week from parents who went to Italy for treatment. Someone constantly prays for “Timosha’s Smile”. Someone promises to help with construction. Someone transfers generous donations to the Foundation. And someone writes our story on the menu of their pizzeria.

Thank you, my dears! Your support is touching and inspiring! We are happy that we are surrounded by such beautiful hearts! May God support you in your difficult struggles! You are extraordinary!

Bank details of the Nonprofit Corporation “Timosha’s Smile”:

Instant Payment Link:

send.monobank.ua (https://send.monobank.ua/jar/2jSVJ9SeVu)

PayPal: timoshas.smile@gmail.com

Zelle: timoshas.smile.@gmail.com


❗️We are currently raising money for buying a plot of land for the construction of the oncology centre.

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