Blitz interview with Svitlana Svyridyuk, coordinator of the project "Evacuation of Children to Italy"


Today, in #Timosha’s_Smile_team, we will introduce you to a person whose big heart and dedicated work gave children hope in the darkest times. From the first days of the war, Svitlana Svyridyuk, the coordinator of “Children’s Evacuation to Italy” project, took care of every family, who went for treatment. Sometimes she did not have time to rest but she did not stop and did not refuse anyone. In our blitz interview, you will find out what inspires her to do such tireless work.

❓How long have you been with “Timosha’s Smile”?

✅ If we talk about the beginning of an active presence, then this is the beginning of war and evacuation.

❓What motivates you to work at the Foundation?

✅ Desire to be part of the Dream project.

❓What surprises you most about the Foundation’s work?

✅ The presence of God. In everything.

❓How did you meet “Timosha’s Smile”?

✅ Through acquaintance with the Sanko family. I was in the prayer group from the beginning of Timosha’s treatment in Italy

❓Why did you decide to evacuate the children?

✅ After seeing the ad, I told Yuliia that I know Italian and am ready to help. After 2 days there was a call – to get ready and go.

❓What were your responsibilities during the evacuation?

✅ Receive a list from the administrator, call each family to clarify the details of the trip. Communication with drivers. Direct support during trips. Searching for housing in Rivne for families who could not calculate the travel time because of the war. Communication with Italian doctors in Poland – sending them medical documentation and lists of children.

❓How many evacuation trips were organized by “Timosha’s Smile”?

✅ It’s hard to say. These were big buses and small ones, cars… independent relocations and flights even from other countries – Poland, Turkey.

❓What skills, knowledge and experience did God use during the evacuation?

✅ Proficiency in Italian and coordination skills.

❓What was the most difficult during the evacuation?

✅ It was very difficult to leave Ukraine every time and not know if you will be able to return, and what will happen to your relatives during your absence.

❓Without what would evacuation be impossible?

✅ Without cooperation with those who were ready to help: Italians and Ukrainians, churches, volunteers. Ordinary people with big hearts. I discovered another Italy and another Ukraine for myself.

❓What left the most vivid memory in your heart from the evacuation trips?

✅ The way children were met in Monza. This is an Italian town, which we reached directly by bus.

❓Do you maintain relations with those who went to Italy for treatment?

✅ With some very close and friendly.

❓Is it possible for children with cancer to go to Italy for treatment today?

✅ Yes.

❓What must be done to receive free treatment for Ukrainian children?

✅ Call us! 😉

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