Blitz interview with Yuliіa SANKO


We are starting a new hashtag “Timosha’s Smile team”. And today we want to introduce you to YULIIA SANKO, the founder and director of the Foundation. 20 rapid questions will help us.

❓At what age did you come to God?

✅ When I was 16 years old.

❓Who introduced you to Christ?

✅ My sister Inna.

❓ What does the name “Timosha’s Smile” mean?

“Heaven smiles when we live not for ourselves”

❓What do you like most about the work of the Foundation?

✅ To be in the center of God’s will.

❓What will be the main feature of the Hospital?

✅ God’s love is in everything.

❓In which countries do you have Foundation’s partners?

✅ Germany, Spain, Denmark, Italy, USA.

❓Who are the assistants of “Timosha’s Smiles”?

✅ Every heart that prays, donates, helps, and shares information.

❓What do you value most in people?

✅ Dignity.

❓ What is your biggest dream?

✅ So that my children know and love God with all their hearts.

❓Who is your favorite preacher?

✅ Jesus Christ😉, and Oleksandr Shevchenko.

❓What word do you use most often?

✅ Out loud: “my love”, “my joy” – this is how I address children. In thoughts: “God…”

❓What is your dream place to visit?

✅ Opening of the clinic “Timosha’s Smile”.

❓ What do you want to learn to do?

✅ To be a good manager.

❓Which day was the happiest in your life?

✅ Wedding Day.

❓What inspires you?

✅ Meetings with the Holy Spirit.

❓What is your life credo?

✅ To live before the face of God.

❓How long did you spend writing the book “A STORY OF ONE SOUL?

✅ During the entire period of Timosha’s illness (almost two years), but systematized already after his return to Heaven. It took several months.

❓What is your favorite verse from the Bible?

✅ “For to me life is Christ, and death is gain” (Philippians 1:21)

❓What advice do you consider to be the best in your life?

✅ My relatives remind me every day: “God is FOR you. Go ahead!”

❓What is the screensaver on your phone?

✅ On the locked screen – the Cross of Jesus Christ (the place of my salvation, forgiveness, repentance, inspiration, and strength). My family is on the unlocked screen (Semik has a ball in his hands, as a symbol that Timosha is present in every photo). Timosha’s photo is on the clock.

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