God's miracle of healing during the evacuation


The evacuation organized by our Foundation last year continues to bear fruit. Another changed fate, another story, another inspiration that we want to share with you!

Grandmothers know how to love! Their concern for their grandchildren is boundless. They know how to give wise advice and protect against evil. And if troubles happen in the life of the beloved grandson, the grandmother’s heart is filled with prayer. Iryna Anatolyivna Mazaeva is so sincere and caring. Her strength, faith, and care for her little grandson are amazing and inspiring! By the way, in these difficult circumstances, Iryna Anatolyivna not only went forward without giving up. It was because of her grandson’s illness that she came to know the Lord! We invite you to get to know this spiritual beauty and depth.

“Again and again, I remember this story, which is God’s miracle. It changed my entire essence and perception of reality. For the first time in my life, it seemed that I was being carried in His arms through difficulties. I was moving in God’s flow.

And everything was like that. The events of February 24 broke into the life of my country unexpectedly and painfully. But personal despair was added to it.

My grandson Nikita was brought up and grew up with us, his grandparents, from an early age. I was worried about our boy’s high temperature, but the pediatrician did not see an inflammatory process. That’s why we decided to do a blood test.

The samples were sent to Zaporizhzhia. And the very next day we were urgently called to the doctor. By the way, it was on this day that everyone’s attention was focused on the Crimean direction, because already in the morning they started saying that… tanks were coming to us! No one understood anything, only isolated explosions in the distance began to disturb the heart.

I heard terrible words from the doctor: “You need to go to the hospital immediately. Now we will write out a referral to a hospital, and then they will decide how to get you to Zaporizhzhia. You are suspected of having leukemia.”

Leukemia? What is this word? Is it serious? But how serious? There are explosions?!? This is threatening! And here leukemia?! How threatening is this?

Sanaviation (as the medical emergency service is called) gave me 20 minutes to pack my things, otherwise, I wouldn’t have left, the traffic was already blocked by the military. My husband seemed to be the only one who responded adequately, quickly gathering the necessary documents and belongings.

We arrived at the hematology department of Zaporizhia Regional Children’s Hospital late in the evening on February 24. And everything turned around…

Tests, catheters, injections, IV drops. My eyes saw the children near and my heart begged: “Not this! Merciful God! Please! We’re just having an examination, aren’t we?”

And so, the head of the department called us: “According to the rules, we must send the results of the puncture to Kyiv for clarification. But due to the impossibility of transporting the tests, we will transfer them to other laboratories in our city for diagnosis. After a while, they began to give us chemotherapy”.

Pharmacies were not working, shops were closed, you could not go out, and sirens were working. As soon as the air raid signal sounded, we all went down to the basement. Psychologically, it was very difficult, especially in the first days, when several people were sleeping in a bed in the basement, together with sick children. And then again, Nikitka has a high temperature, sticky sweat, and sore legs…

But God’s sunshine looked into the department VOLUNTEERS who brought fruit, water, and children’s toys. Mothers in the department were told that there is a Charitable Christian Foundation “Timosha’s Smile”. Someone read Yuliia Sanko’s book about her son Timosha. And they also said that SHE NEVER LEAVES ANYONE IN TROUBLE! It felt like there was Light nearby! We must go to the Light! Let’s get out!!!

And from that moment, the hands of God carried me and Nikita away quickly, quickly, I barely had time to open my eyes… Oleksiy’s car (the roommate) was found, in which we got to Rivne, bypassing the checkpoints.

Deep night. Nikita froze from the high temperature, it was 9 degrees outside, he couldn’t walk, and there was also a queue at the border…

But here is the window of the Polish border guard. While I was showing the documents, someone wrapped my grandson in a scarf, put on warm clothes, gloves… I saw Nikita’s smile. It was so alive on his pale face that I felt incredible gratitude to all those who take care of us. Tears appeared in my eyes, I did not even wipe them. And people kept coming up to us, bringing tea and sandwiches.

On March 14, we were in Monza, the best European leukemia treatment center. Yura Sanko met us at the airport. Seeing him, I immediately said: “Now we are in safe hands, thank God!”

It was a whole week of careful care and professional research. And so, on Friday, a delegation of doctors came to the ward. They reported: “NIKITA DOES NOT HAVE LEUKEMIA! He has mononucleosis, but not cancer!!!!!”




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