The wonderful story of Alinochka


Today’s story is another incredible miracle!

An incredible situation happened on one of our evacuation trips. Coordinator Svitlana and nurse Anya always tried to meet, encourage, help and support parents and children on the road. And that time too.

In our lists, which were completed by Tanya, the administrator of “Timosha’s Smile”, it was noted that a healthy mother and child are on their way to Italy. When the girls talked on the bus, it became clear that Alinochka had a serious illness. And they are heading to Italy to seek treatment there.

I will tell you, dear ones, I know from my own experience that when it comes to the health of your own child, you are ready for desperate decisions. The mother of the sick girl had no idea that we were not just evacuating Ukrainians, but also helping with registration at a hospital in Italy. And here a miracle happened! You will read about it in a mother’s letter.

So, meet Iryna and Alinochka Lototska:

“Shock… Panic… Anxiety… The morning of February 24 crossed out everything we lived by, dreamed about and planned. It was as if the support had been knocked out from under our feet and we did not know what was waiting for us tomorrow, or even the next moment…

The fear for life increased with every thought about how we should treat our daughter in the conditions of war. Here, every lost day was a step back and gave the disease a chance to progress…

Our family lives in Mlyniv, Rivne region. In March, my daughter, who has been sick since birth, and I consulted at Okhmatdyt, where we had to decide on further treatment. However, the events that took place in Ukraine canceled all our plans. Day after day passed, and we began to understand more and more clearly that it was necessary to decide on further treatment. I began intensively looking for options abroad. Having found the Charitable Foundation, which agreed to take us under its care, we prepared for the trip. The date of departure was determined, and only when I called there to clarify the time – I was informed that the trip was canceled… My feelings are difficult to describe…

We decide to go to Italy, and there to look for opportunities to get treatment. The question was how to get there as quickly as possible. Everyone was looking for transport to leave. A colleague found the information about “Timosha’s Smile” Foundation, which is engaged in the transportation of children with cancer to Italy. I was informed that the departure will occur tomorrow at 09:00 from Rivne.

“If you have time, then send your data.” Everything happened quickly! And here we are on the bus going to Italy… Only there did we understand that mothers with sick children are not just going abroad but to specific clinics. I told about my situation to Svitlana’s accompanying group, and that’s when everything started, and miracles began…

By the time we got to Lviv, they had already found a clinic where they were ready to take us for treatment. The entire route has changed.

After crossing the Polish border, we were met by volunteers and taken by ambulance to the hotel where we spent the night waiting for the plane. It was hard to believe that such a miracle could happen: we are going to Italy, they are waiting for us, everything is organized…

In the morning, we were taken to the airport by ambulance accompanied by doctors and transported to Genoa in Italy. A private business class plane with a leather interior – for me the fairy tale continued. An ambulance was waiting again at the airport, which took us to Gaslini clinic, where we are being treated.

I am very grateful to God and the people who helped me at this important moment. I sincerely believe that the treatment will give a positive result.

What happened to me then is the biggest miracle in my life, for which I owe you and your team. THANK YOU, “Timosha’s Smile”!

Peaceful sky to all of us! And may the children of the world be healthy!”

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P.S. Please pray for Alinochka. ❤️

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