A wonderful story about a teacher and her student


Here is another wonderful rescue story. Every time I read them, I raise my heart to Heaven. And thank God. And I smile at Timoshyk. Each child, treated in decent conditions, is a precious stone in the Heavenly Timosha’s treasury.

I believe that Heaven SMILES when we live not for ourselves. ❤️ Is it true?

The story was written by a teacher Nataliya Muzychuk about her student Natalya Muzychuk, from Rivne. I am not mistaken. The teacher and the student have the same surname and first name. And fate brought them together for good reason!

I have known Natalya since I was ten years old. Always smiling and friendly girl suddenly, in one moment, began to change. The sparkle in the eyes and the lust for life disappeared, instead, confusion and constant anxiety appeared.

She was one of my students, always closer than the rest. Because we have one name and one surname. But, despite this fact, she was silent about what was happening to her, and I… didn’t ask.

Multiple sclerosis…

This is the name of the disease that divided Natalia’s life into two parts, “before and after”. She grew up, graduated from school, turned into a really beautiful woman, and… continued to fade away.

Once I visited Natalie in the hospital, where she spent several months every year, I heard a difficult life story that ended with the incredible words: “I will endure, I will not give up. The Lord will not leave me.”

Smiling after such warm, strong words, I left the department and burst into tears. What could be done in this case??? The only thing is to pray!!!!!!! Pray patiently, for a long time.

God’s answer is always unexpected. I got my prayers answered through Instagram (21st century).

I found out about “TIMOSHA’S SMILE” by accident. I read about this organization on Yuliia Sanko’s page. And I was surprised that after writing a message and providing the necessary information about Natalie’s illness, I received a positive response a few days later. The diagnosis, which for Ukraine is a sentence, is treated in one of the best hospitals in the world for FREE!!!!!!!

The offer was absolutely free. Then came the moment of talking with parents (who were in Poland at that time), submitting documents and receiving a positive response. Thank God for everything!!!!!!!!!!

Natalia’s parents are deaf, her grandmother took care of the younger children, and Natalie was 18 years old at that time. We went to Italy together. One name, one surname, and saving one life.

In Poland, we and the other children were met by doctors from Italy, who very kindly and with love in their hearts accompanied us first to the hotel and the next day to the airport.

I talked to one Italian woman in the ambulance. She talked about how scary and responsible it was to make decisions about helping Ukrainian children. About awareness of war and danger. Hugging in front of the plane, she added: “Borders are not an obstacle for God!”

A plane, a flight, a new country, an unfamiliar language, and continuous prayer…

Natalya and I stayed in Gazlini hospital for 10 days. Translation of documents from Ukrainian to Italian, tests, long conversations with doctors, spinal cord puncture and confirmation of the diagnosis – multiple sclerosis. An incurable disease!!!!!!!!!!

I remember the moment when doctor Mankardi, a young woman always smiling, entered the ward and said that if we return to Ukraine, there are very few chances for a normal life. She helped to transfer Natalie from the children’s ward to the adult department (she turned 18), kept the situation under her control and sincerely tried to help. Thank God for everything!!!!!

After 10 days, we left the hospital, moved to a boarding house (free accommodation and food) and… the injections that Natalya gave herself every other day ended. It turned out to be impossible to buy such drugs in Italy. And then a miracle!!!!! Without injections, the girl feels great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been over 4 months since this amazing rescue story began. Natalya is still in Italy, feeling well without any injections. What’s next????????

God’s will is for everything…

On my part, and on behalf of Natalya Muzychuk, I would like to thank the team of “Timosha’s smile” and everyone from the Ukrainian and Italian sides who became involved in saving the lives of many children.

Bank details of Christian Charitable Foundation “Timosha’s Smile”:


PayPal: timoshas.smile@gmail.com

Current account:


5169 3305 2239 4722

P.S. Please pray for Natalochka. ❤️

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