Chief Physician of "Timosha's Smile"


For many days his body was rotting from a terrible disease. The unbearable physical pain became even stronger because of the torment of the Soul. He was lonely, rejected, and despised. Relatives and friends could not hug him, say a sincere word or look him in the eyes. He was a leper. His home was in lonely caves, far from happy people. But suddenly a doctor appeared nearby. He had heard of Him. He knew that Jesus had already healed the sick, opened eyes to the blind, helped the paralyzed to walk.

Maybe, Christ will also help the leper? But does he want to? Does he want to get close to the distorted body? It was the only chance for salvation. That is why the leper dared to approach the Doctor. And how his heart fluttered when Jesus said: “I want to heal you!” Jesus touched the leper! He touched the wounds that scared everyone. He did not just touch the body, He touched the Soul (Bible, Luke 5:12-13).

He is not indifferent to our pain. He is strong enough to heal not only physical but also mental wounds. He wants to be close to those who have been forgotten. He wants to hug the lonely. He wants to touch the sick body and tightly hug the wounded Soul. This is our God. This is exactly our Doctor. This is exactly our Role model.

We want him to be the chief doctor at “Timosha’s Smile” clinic. ❤️ We dream that His gentle touch will be felt by everyone who is in pain. We don’t just want to treat oncology. We want all patients of our clinic to feel the loving touch of the best Doctor of Soul and Body. 🙏

If you want to participate in the construction of the First Christian Oncology Clinic for children in Ukraine join!

Bank details of the Nonprofit Corporation “Timosha’s Smile”:

Instant Payment Link:


PayPal: timoshas.smile@gmail.com

Zelle: timoshas.smile.@gmail.com


send.monobank.ua (https://send.monobank.ua/jar/2jSVJ9SeVu)

We are currently raising money for buying a plot of land for the construction of the oncology center.

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