The story of Nastinka from Volyn


Every evacuation story started with you! Your repost, trust, and donations – made “Timosha’s Smile” familiar and accessible to many. I just want you to know that every evacuated child is OUR victory! And the construction of the first Christian oncology clinic in Ukraine for children with blood cancer will also be OUR victory! Join in! Stand by!

And today – about the story of little Nastuna from Volyn (a letter from mother – Viktoriia):

I am the mother of a little girl Anastasia Karpluk, who is now 3 years old. We are from Volyn region. We have a rare oncological disease – Langerhans cell histiocytosis. We found out about it when the child was 10 months old. Since then, we have been receiving treatment abroad in the Republic of Belarus.

After finishing the treatment, we returned home. But, when 3 months passed, at the first control examination, the daughter had a relapse. Therefore, we went to Belarus again to start treatment.

The war touched everyone.

Each story has its secret moments and anxieties. At the beginning of the war, we were in Belarus. But when the first month passed, a lot of things changed for us too. First, they blocked VISA and Master cards, banned all possible options for paying for treatment, transferring hryvnias and using our money.

And then there was a shortage of drugs, even Belarusian drugs, due to sanctions, since many imported components are used in the treatment and maintenance of medical equipment.

We have known about “Timosha’s Smile” Foundation for a long time. I love reading Yuliia’s posts on Instagram. And also, I listened to the audiobook and bought it for myself. The mother’s feeling about losing her son was particularly memorable. It influenced the formation of my attitude to the loss of relatives, and life “on the other side of time.”

From social networks, we found out that the Foundation transports children with cancer to Italy for treatment. We read and observed, but did not plan to participate. But after consultation at the hospital and the embassy, it was decided that the proposal regarding Italy should be taken seriously. Apparently, we were the last ones on the second patient transportation flight, because the plane was already departing a day later.

We sincerely thank you, “Timosha’s Smile”, because each of these children, and we too, sincerely smile, because we are grateful for this opportunity! May the Lord bless you and guide you in His way to help others!

The organization of the trip was at a high level. We were accommodated in a hotel, arranged for a flight on a private plane with a huge team of professionals and for free. You can’t even buy such care for money. After all, real, sincere care is not sold anywhere, it lives only in hearts.

We are treated by the Italian government, so we sincerely thank you for accepting us, treating us, helping us with housing, food and medicine. We are being treated in Rome at “Bambino Gesu” hospital. We are undergoing chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

We sincerely thank the good doctors, staff and all those who care about Ukrainians. I often think about the fact that we are guests here, and we are received as at home. Our Ukrainians are blessed by God because it is God who cares about them through the hands of other people!

Thank you “Timosha’s Smile” and your Director, God!

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