The story about Maryanchik and God's helping hand


For more than a year, our Foundation has been taking care of the treatment of Ukrainian children in Italy. The pain of every Soul is close to us. We are not indifferent to the tears of every family. We thank everyone who donates money, prays for children, and helps with words and deeds. God works powerfully through all of us. His glory fills every story. The letter from Maryanchyk’s mother is also about His mercy.

Please remember this beautiful boy in your prayers!

We lived an ordinary life: work, school. Always in a hurry…

It all started with our son Maryan’s frequent viral illnesses. The doctor advised us to check his blood.

On the evening of April 24, the results of the analysis came. Although I am not a specialist, I saw that everything is very different from the normal range. We urgently went to Ternopil to the hematological oncology department in the morning. We started the trip with a prayer to God.

Terrible words were heard in Ternopil: “Cancer cells were found in your child’s blood.” My heart was breaking with pain, there were hundreds of questions in my head.

And only prayer to God gave comfort. I told Maryan that he has low hemoglobin and he reassured me:

“Mom, don’t cry, it’s not a problem! I promise I’ll eat red meat, pomegranates, liver. The internet says it can be fixed!”

A platelet donor was needed the very next day. Dozens of calls… Relatives, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances joined, because everyone wanted to help with words, prayers, and finances. I constantly raised my eyes to the sky and thanked God for everyone who was with us.

In the morning, Natalya Yaroslavivna Bodnarchuk-Sokhatska, head of oncohematology, said that our son has acute myeloid leukemia, which requires aggressive treatment. Acquaintances told us that they were treated in Italy, and gave the contact of Yuliia Sanko.

When she read my message, she wrote: “Pray because I am applying to the clinic!” We immediately began to pray!

God answered: they agreed to take us to the “Comitato Maria Letizia Verga” clinic for treatment. During these few days, when it seemed to us that life had stopped, God sent good people at every step. Even in a hopeless situation, the merciful Lord opened the door and extended a helping hand.

It is pleasant that Yuliia, from the first moment we met, took on our problem like a close person. She rejoiced in all our successes and supported us in difficult moments. When I set off, I was afraid of the unknown, because I had never traveled outside of Ukraine. The “Timosha’s Smile” Foundation paid for our tickets. We were met at the airport. Oksana, who contacted me in advance and translated our documents into Italian, was already waiting at the clinic. She still helps us in communicating with doctors and staff.

The clinic employs wonderful people who have an individual approach to both children and parents. Today we are on the seventh day of chemotherapy and we pray to the Lord for the healing of our Maryanchik.

Every evening at 21:00, our whole family meets online for a sincere prayer for Maryanchyk. We thank God for His mercy to us, for the blessing, for every doctor and all the medical staff, for the opportunity He gave us to be treated in this wonderful clinic!

We are grateful to God for the Christian Charitable Foundation “Timosha’s Smile”, and we especially thank God for Yuliia Sanko’s warmth.

Every day I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God for all of you who are involved in our stay here. I understand that the Lord Himself sees all this! And all your deeds are recorded there in heaven, where God has an incorruptible treasury!

If you want to participate in the construction of the First Christian Oncology Clinic for children in Ukraine – join!1

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We are currently raising money for buying a plot of land for the construction of the oncology center.

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