The story of Sasha


I will say frankly, none of “Timosha’s Smile” team EVER PREPARED for evacuation. We did not know how, and we did not know the entire process. The only thing that drove us was an unstoppable desire to help one more child with cancer…

And you know that God helped, guided, and continues to guide all the processes of evacuating children. So, it is with the Clinic. None of us have ever built a clinic. Oncological. Christian. The best. NEVER. The only thing that drives us is the unstoppable desire to help one more child with cancer. And just like with the evacuation – God Himself directs the process and directs our steps. He opens the door himself. He sends His people.

When the war began, there was no time to discuss all pros and cons of evacuation. We just went where the Lord led. As a result – 60 ongoing stories. Happy to be a part of these stories!

Thank you to Tanya Ivanyuk (the administrator of the Foundation) – she worked 24/7, processed information, took in children who were waiting for a flight and many other things that a woman who was 9 months pregnant should not do… But she did it because she wanted to save another baby with cancer…

Thanks to Svitlana Svyridyuk (Coordinator of the Foundation), she accompanied every evacuation bus. She warmed, helped, encouraged frightened and tired parents and children. Often, returning from Italy, she did not even have the opportunity to rest and boarded the next evacuation bus again! She did it because she wanted to save another child with cancer…

Thanks to Anna Mykhailos and Lilia Tkach (nurses who accompanied each flight). On the bus, they set IV drips, gave pills, gave injections… They did it because they wanted to save another child with cancer…

Thanks to the drivers Andriy Podhorets, Denis Horkovchuk, Mr. Volodymyr, Petro Chikerenda.

Thank you to “Preobrazhennya” Church of the city of Rivne for hospitably hosting people who were waiting for the bus. They didn’t just accept, but spread the good news with warmth and delicious food!

And today – the story of the passenger of the first bus, Sashko (a letter from mom).

Seven-year-old Sasha: a cheerful boy who likes to play with friends, loves his family and life and dreams a lot.

Once we noticed bruises on his body. He told us that he had a fight with boys at school. The next day I had to go there to ask the teacher about everything. But my morning started with a phone call: “Olesya, get up. The war has started.” We postponed bruises until March 5.


The day that changed our lives.

The day when you understand that Life = is to live.

How I wanted him to continue living. The heart was in pain. It became very scary. Words cannot describe…

The son’s condition is serious. The doctor says to go to Ternopil tomorrow morning, and to transport him carefully because the tests are very bad.

The night was spent in tears and prayer: “God help!”

The next morning, when we arrived in Ternopil, the diagnosis of “acute myeloid leukemia” was confirmed, and we were told that they would not be able to help us.

The doctor told us that tomorrow the bus leaves for Italy and he will ask if they still have seats. “If there is, then you go.”

God’s miracle. There are free seats, they take us to the best clinic in Europe. “Centro Maria Letizia Verga”.

It was scary on the way, there was a need to pray for Sasha, we asked everyone who could – to pray. Thank God – we arrived, we were immediately taken to the ambulance and taken to the hospital.

How beautiful and comfortable it is, a separate room, a shower, everything is there… And most importantly – everything is free. Lord, how good You are to us! Thank you.

On the bus, I heard some conversations about Yulia, who organized it all, who saved my child. I wanted to meet her so much…

The beginning of the treatment was not easy, after 43 days we were allowed to go home.

My husband and youngest son arrived. How good that everyone is together. Little by little, we started to live a normal life. One day, Yuliia brought help to all of us, and that’s when we met. I could not hold back my tears. She is so sincere, kind-hearted. I thanked her, and she answered me: “It’s not me. It’s all the Lord!” So God gave another confirmation that He saved my child. But He works through those who hear Him.

Thank you Yuliia and Yura! Thank you “Timosha’s Smile”! We are happy that the Lord introduced us to you! Thanks to everyone!

Our story continues…

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