The story of Savushka from Kharkiv


I know that work should always be separated from personal life. And do not take the stories you touch close to your heart. But I can’t do that 🤷‍♀️. Often, the people you help become close to you, and you worry about their children as if they were your own. Yes, during the evacuation we got many more friends who certainly believe and want to become participants in “Timosha’s Smile”.

Yes, Fuchko family from Kharkiv, Oksana, Artem and their son Savushka, have become dear to my heart. Easy-going and satisfied. Grateful and genuine.

Thank God that Christian Charitable Foundation “Timosha’s Smile” is not a job, it is a VOCATION! ❤️

So, more about Saveliy Fuchko. Mom’s letter:

On 07/28/2019, my son Saveliy was born. Childbirth began at the 36th week of pregnancy, it was very rapid, but according to medical indicators, it went well.

There were complications with my little son who weighed 2 kilograms. They didn’t put him on my chest like they usually do. I did not even see him, my son was immediately taken to the intensive care unit.

They said that he does not look good, he was taken to check all his vitals. His blood counts were critically poor, and he received two transfusions on the first day. We stayed there for another month.

Blood counts were monitored every week. Hematologists and geneticists were consulted, various tests were performed, but the doctors could not understand what was happening to his body. We even went abroad twice, but there was no answer either.

In the first two years of his life, my son had 17 transfusions.

These two years were the most difficult for me and my family…

On February 22, 2022, my son’s blood was found to be bad, and we were preparing documents to go to the hospital.

02.24.2022 at 05:00,  Kharkiv and Ukraine woke up from explosions (it was very scary).

I didn’t know what to do, because we had to go to the hospital at 09:00. I call the doctor, but she does not answer. It was vital for my son.

We collect things and go to my parents in Poltava region. In Poltava hospital, we were given a transfusion, which lasted all day, because when the sirens went off, the medical staff turned off the system, we got dressed and went outside to the bunker, which was very cold. We sat there for 4 hours. I will always remember this transfusion.

A couple of days later, I accidentally found information about Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Timosha’s Smile”, which helps children with blood disorders.

I spoke with the coordinators, who told me everything about the Foundation and Italian Hospital Centro Maria Letizia Verga. And my husband and I decided to go to Rivne.

There we were met by an employee of the Foundation, who organized everything, and we went by bus to Italy. There were many children with cancer on the bus. I was very worried about the trip, because we drove for almost two days. But it was a very warm, kind and fun two days…

People who were involved in this trip often came up and asked if we needed anything, and most importantly – how the sick children were feeling.

The bus was comfortable and often stopped for rest. When we arrived in Italy, we were fed and examined by doctors who already decided which children needed to go to the hospital and which did not. I cried many times that day. I could not believe that the war was happening, that the Foundation helped us, that we were in Italy…

So, we were placed with an Italian family. The family was very kind, and they worried about Ukraine and our son.

I met Yuliia, the founder of the Foundation, a couple of days later. I was surprised. I have never met such bright, kind people. She helped us and brought many necessary things.

When we arrived for the first consultation at Centro Maria Letizia Verga, I realized that this hospital and doctors are of the highest level.

Saveliy was examined completely: from the toe to the hair on the head, had many tests, and after two months they found out the exact diagnosis. My son was diagnosed with a very rare hereditary genetic anemia for which no treatment has yet been found. The son will continue to be registered in this hospital.

Employees of “Timosha’s Smile” Foundation and Yulia Sanko kept in touch with us all the time. They were interested in our son’s health and helped us with clothes, products, and information that we needed.

Ukrainian Foundation and Italian Hospital helped us to be safe, to examine Saveliy, to provide everything necessary for life – and it’s all for free!

I am very grateful to the entire team, which is currently working in Ukraine and abroad. The war will end soon, we will all return to Ukraine. I hope, or rather I know, that Yuliia will be able to build the same modern, comfortable, and most importantly – professional hospital in Ukraine as well!

Bank details of Christian Charitable Foundation “Timosha’s Smile”:


PayPal: timoshas.smile@gmail.com

Current account:


5169 3305 2239 4722

P.S. Please pray for Savushka. ❤️

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