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War is absolute evil. The news tears the soul. Awareness of reality is heart-wrenching. And the news about the victories – cheers and lifts the spirits. That is why I decided to publish the stories of young Ukrainians whom God allowed to touch through the evacuation of children with cancer. These are stories about miracles. These are stories about small big victories. And when you read these stories, please pray for each baby to bring their victory, and ours, closer!

So, little Tadei (from Rivne, acute lymphoblastic leukemia):

Hello. We are a family from Rivne. We want to introduce you to our story.

One day, our younger son Tadei had a fever. As it was before the weekend, we decided to go to our pediatrician, then our doctor sent us for a blood test. Tadei was active, nothing bothered him, his breathing was clean, so we calmly went home and started working out routine matters. After a few hours, our pediatrician called back and said to urgently search for a hematologist, and it was already Friday lunch. It was at this moment that I understood that difficult tests await us.

We went to the hospital in Rivne. And everything began…

Since Tadejchyk practically did not know what a hospital is, it was a huge stress for him. A child from home conditions got into tough hospital days…

On Monday, a puncture was made and my husband sent the samples to Okhmatdyt in Kyiv. Without waiting for the conclusion from Kyiv, the treating doctor informed me that Tadei had leukemia. From that moment on, our family’s life turned upside down.

Realizing there is a war in Ukraine, we began to look for ways to treat our Tadejchik abroad, apply to various foundations, and look for clinics ourselves, but unfortunately, nothing worked.

June 7 was a difficult day. Everything did not go according to our plan. On this day, Tadei underwent an MRI. Anesthesia was administered but the MRI turned off. The child is under the influence of anesthesia, and the machine does not work.

Everyone was very nervous, and even the doctor who administered the anesthesia began to pray that the MRI would start so that the child would not be anesthetized for nothing.

From that moment on, we no longer made plans, but God himself began to guide us. MRI started. It was at this moment when Tadei was waking up, that I got a call. Yuliia Sanko called and said that she was submitting our data to a clinic in Italy. This is how our acquaintance with “Timosha’s Smile” began.

Our family received a great blessing, and by the evening Yuliia Sanko called us back and said that the clinic accepts us for treatment, but we are still waiting for an answer from the foundation (which is 50/50).

The next day Yuliia called and told us to fill up the car and leave. That’s how we got to Italy. It was here where we met Yulia and Yuriy Sanko for the first time. These are extraordinary people with kind hearts, they worry about every sick child as if it were their own.

We received tremendous support from Sanko’s family: treatment of our child, emotional support, good advice, a roof over our heads. Thanks to them, our family is together!

We are very glad that we met you in person, you left a good mark on our hearts.

I will write a little about the clinic where Tadejchyk is being treated. Centro Maria Letizia Verga is the best clinic in Europe that deals with childhood leukemias and lymphomas.

On the first day, Yura Sanko took us to the hospital, where the translator Oksana, a Ukrainian woman, was already waiting at the door. Oksana is very cool, she not only performs the duties of a translator but also a lot of various tasks: carries bags, registers parents for vaccinations, helps with documents, brings food from friends, calls doctors on weekends and vacations.

Once Tadei felt sick in the hospital, Oksana ran to give him a plate. And we never heard from her that these are not her duties.

We underwent several examinations, performed a puncture, and after 2 hours the doctors had a meeting with us. The diagnosis was confirmed and we were told what awaits us, what are the chances of recovery, how much treatment will continue, etc. It is very cool that the doctors did not hide anything from us, but answered all the questions frankly.

Tadejchyk and I went to the hospital, and my husband and our eldest son Timofiy went to the housing that was provided to us. We live in Kashina, which is taken care of by Maria and Antonio, Italians and very good people.

The hospital is very comfortable, there is a toilet and a shower in the ward, there is a bed for mum, the sheets are changed every day, and food is brought into the ward. Tadejchik was treated by a very good doctor who quickly found a common language with the child. And it is very cool that here they pay attention to the emotional state of the child and want to alleviate suffering and distract from painful procedures.

All the staff, from cleaners to doctors, praise the child and smile. And you think why is it not like that in Ukraine: why are you kicked out of offices with a sick child, why is there no basic human relationship, why is a doctor saying offensive and unacceptable things about your child and so many other reasons?

Who but us, Ukrainians, and even more so our children, deserve the best?

The Sanko family has a very cool dream of building the first Christian children’s oncology clinic in Ukraine. And sooner or later it will happen because they have passed severe tests and paid a great price – the illness and death of their boy, their son Timoshik.

And our family also believes and really wants this “Dream” to become a reality soon.

So, “Timosha’s Smile” see you in Ukraine.

P.s: when I was writing our story, I opened the Bible and the following verse popped out: Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.

Lamentations 3:22



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