We change history every day!


The other day I prayed like this: “God, help me change the course of history.” I received such an unexpected but inspiring answer: “You have already changed the course of History!”

And then God began to lead me along the path of life, and to show and remind me of many people who would come across on the way. He explained that “changing history” is very global. And He acts locally. And if I influence the life (change the course of history) of one person, then I will already change the whole world! Then I remembered some reviews about my book “A Story of One Soul”. About changed destinies. Then I remembered the evacuation of seriously ill children… And their changed destinies.

Also, those hours over tea, listening to tears, and the inspiration that the Lord gave to a troubled soul came to my mind. I smiled, remembering the souls who were converted to God’s life after the meeting. In a nutshell, we change history every day. Loving children, we influence the course of their entire lives. By offering a helping hand, we change the course of someone’s life.

Then I began to pray like this: “Help to change the course of the history of medicine in Ukraine.” Help change the statistics of Christian children’s hospitals in Ukraine.” And, by the way, this is not about statistics at all!

And I felt the full reality of what I am asking for! Changing history is not difficult at all! Step by step, only forward. Just imagine how many more stories can change the life and death of one little Timoshka? Remember those who have already been saved and do everything possible so that there are more happy endings in Ukraine! And may the Lord help us.

Let me remind you that we are currently collecting $120,000 for the purchase of land on which we will build “Timosha’s Smile” hospital in order to change the lives of children with cancer in Ukraine.

By the way, donating has become even easier. We have opened “a banka” in Monobank (anyone can make a payment using this link, from anywhere in the world https://send.monobank.ua/jar/2jSVJ9SeVu). I will add the QR code.

Also, for US residents, you can make a transfer via Zelle (timoshas.smile@gmail.com) – I will also add a QR code.

Join and change the world AROUND YOU! ❤️


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