We received 501(c)3 status


Hello, friends!

We have great news! Yesterday morning, I received official confirmation from the IRS that our Charitable Organization “Timosha’s Smile” received 501(c)3 status under the US Internal Revenue Code! This special status opens up many opportunities and advantages for us.

What does this status mean? A 501(c)3 is a federal tax status granted to charities and community organizations in the United States. One of the main advantages of this status is the exemption from taxes at the federal level.

Obtaining the status of 501(c)3 is of great importance for “Timosha’s Smile” in the USA.

Now we can have financial support from corporations, foundations, organizations, and individuals.

And your charitable contributions (if you’re donating in the US) become tax-deductible, meaning you can lower your tax liability by donating to Timosha’s Smile. This can be beneficial from a financial point of view and it also provides an opportunity to do a good deed and support the construction of the first Christian oncology clinic for children in Ukraine.

Please share this information with your American circle of friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Bank details of the Nonprofit Corporation “Timosha’s Smile”:

Instant Payment Link:


PayPal: timoshas.smile@gmail.com

Zelle: timoshas.smile.@gmail.com


send.monobank.ua (https://send.monobank.ua/jar/2jSVJ9SeVu)

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