The first evacuation bus


Exactly one year ago, on March 7, the first evacuation bus organized by the Christian Charitable Foundation “Timosha’s Smile” left Rivne. It was heading to the town of Monza (Italy). There were 15 children with cancer from different parts of Ukraine, and from different medical institutions. Together with parents, brothers, and sisters, there were 45 passengers. Watch this video carefully, and in your mind, please pray for the children.

Each evacuation has four stages. You are responsible for the first one. Information space. You shared information, advised, and donated. And when parents dare to call us, the second stage begins – gathering information, submitting documents to clinics, creating lists, permits, searching for out-of-town drivers, a vehicle, housing in Rivne to wait for the bus (some families lived at our house, some at administrator Tanya, and most of the families were hospitably received and warmed by the Preobrazhennya Church thank you!) And another important stage was the journey to Rivne from different parts of Ukraine. For example, when children were being taken out of Okhmatdyt (Kyiv), the checkpoint was fired upon by the enemy 15 minutes before our children and the driver arrived there.

In parallel with these processes, a third is taking place. Preparation for a hospitable meeting of children in Italy. Housing and host families.

And the fourth stage is the road. It is always the job of the coordinator and nurses to provide comfort. I remember that there was a boy on that first bus who almost died on the way. Now he has returned to Ukraine healthy. I watch this video with tears in my eyes several of the passengers are already healthy at home, in Ukraine! Some recovered but stayed in Italy.

It was the first time for us an evacuation. But we, with God’s help, managed to do it! Because this story is not about us! But about Him, about His miracles and victories! This is strength NOT TO LIVE ONLY FOR YOURSELF, when difficult circumstances surround you. This is strength – NOT TO LIVE ONLY FOR YOURSELF, when everything around is good. And so that the world around us becomes better LET’S LIVE NOT ONLY FOR OURSELVES!

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