Achievements of 2022


The new year is always about analysis, numbers, and summing up the old year.

We all take a look at “where we lived” in the last 12 months. The Christian Charitable Foundation “Timosha’s Smile” is also not an exception. It is important for us to describe last year’s activities because all year you trusted us and helped us despite the terrible war, despite all the challenges.

Therefore, below I will describe what WE all achieved together.

  1. The decision of Goshcha county council on the approval of the detailed plan of the territory;
  2. Evacuation of seriously ill children for treatment in Italy during the war in Ukraine. With God’s help, 63 sick children and their families were transported for treatment. In total, 93 families (252 people) were evacuated;
  3. Agreement with the Hospital in Italy about the possibility of internship for our doctors at Maria Letizia Verga Center;
  4. Agreement on cooperation with the Volunteer Union “Bevar Ukraine” (Denmark) regarding the supply of an ambulance (or several), medical equipment, furniture for furnishing wards (beds, mattresses, cabinets), etc.;
  5. Partnership and cooperation with the mayor of Rivne Oleksandr Tretyak;
  6. Partnership and cooperation with Goshcha county council (a clinic will be built on the territory of Goshcha community);
  7. Registration of the Charitable Organization “Timosha’s Smile” in Spain (head – Inna Guchak);
  8. Conducting geological exploration works (October 2022);
  9. Development of the “Project” stage of the medical building of the hospital;
  10. The decision of Goshcha county council on the permission to develop the land management project of the site for the construction of a medical building;
  11. Registration of the Charitable Organization “Timosha’s Smile” in the USA (head: Yuliia Sanko).

Also, on our website www.timoshas-smile.org, a “Chronology” tab has been added so that you can follow the course of events and the construction stage of the first Christian oncology clinic for children with blood cancer in Ukraine.

It’s so easy to write these little 11 points now. But behind each of them – changed destinies, a chance for recovery, tremendous work of professionals, incredible support from the authorities, generosity, and open hearts of people!

I want to thank God for every achievement. Without His support and guidance, we would not be able to move forward a single step. Without His strange interweaving of life paths, these 11 points would be unreal. Thank you, Lord!

I will also not write about thousands of meetings and presentations, about the daily work of a team of people to make the unreal – real! Just thank you: Inna Guchak, Tanya Ivanyuk, Svitlana Lepekha, Svitlana Svyridyuk. It is a great honor for me to be your colleague!

Thank you to Goshcha county council for all the assistance in the implementation of the project.

Thanks to the volunteers and drivers who helped in the evacuation.

Thanks for each of your social media shares.

Thank you for every donation. Thanks to you, friends who believed, these 11 points became possible.

Thank you to the Churches and pastors who allowed us to share our Story. Thank you for every prayer. Your prayers work wonders! They multiply 2 widow’s coins. It is interesting that both “coins” and prayers are needed. Because without one of the components – nothing will happen.

2022 has become a year of fundamental changes for each of us.

A charitable foundation without benefactors simply cannot exist. Thanks to everyone, because of your trust, so many kids are ALREADY receiving good treatment in Italy.

And thank you even more for supporting my Dream to build the FIRST CHRISTIAN ONCOLOGY CENTER IN UKRAINE, and together we are bringing this Dream closer to fulfillment! Thank you!

Happy New Year 2023!

Blessings and many of God’s miracles to all of us!

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