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When a terrible disease breaks into the children’s world, everything turns upside down. You leave your favorite Lego at home, you don’t take your toy cars with you, and you forget about your brand-new bike. Now, instead of bright memories and carefreeness, you have catheters, IV drips, and hospital walls. Unfortunately, these are the realities of many children who have met with oncology today.

❗️ However, it shouldn’t be like that! We do not want the disease to overshadow the unique colors of childhood. That is why our Hospital should work according to the principles of Child Life. This is a program used by the world’s best clinics. Its goal is to fill the childhood of young patients with vivid emotions, even within the hospital walls. Child Life specialists accompany the child throughout the entire period of illness. They explain in a playful way all the complex processes and procedures during treatment.

Tasks of Child Life specialists:

✅ Explain the diagnosis and treatment procedures in simple and precise words that are understandable to children.

✅ Reduce stress and anxiety that may occur in children and adolescents.

✅ Support young patients during medical procedures and hospitalization.

✅ Work with children at important stages of development.

✅ Help children understand themselves, and communicate with family and peers.

✅ Support brothers and sisters and provide them with the necessary information.

All this is done through various types of games.

Child Life specialists are friends, doctors, and psychologists at the same time, who support not only small patients but also their families.

Today, our team is working on implementing this program in the “Timosha’s Smile” cancer center. Every soul that will be treated in our clinic is God’s great value. Therefore, we will do everything to ensure that our patients have a happy childhood. And we believe that even a hospital ward can become a source of life if it is filled with the light of God’s love. ❤️

If you want to participate in the construction of the First Christian Oncology Clinic for children in Ukraine join!

Bank details of the Nonprofit Corporation “Timosha’s Smile”:

Instant Payment Link:

send.monobank.ua (https://send.monobank.ua/jar/2jSVJ9SeVu)

PayPal: timoshas.smile@gmail.com

Zelle: timoshas.smile.@gmail.com


We are currently raising money for buying a plot of land for the construction of the oncology center.

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