One Year…


The terrible war changed us. But we learned to go to victory despite the pain! 71!!! Christian Charitable Foundation “Timosha’s Smile” has helped 71 young sick Ukrainians get treatment in Italy!

Here on earth, we consider touching another person’s destiny the greatest honor.

And you, dear ones, each of you makes this touch with us! Your short prayers for us mean a lot. Your small donations make a big difference. Your posts are very important. Your kind hand on the shoulder is of great importance!

I want you to look into the eyes of everyone you touch in this photo.

Thank you!

Together to victory!

And when we win, we will build the first Christian oncology clinic for children in Ukraine. Because we and our children deserve the best!

And to all the families we have helped, I would like to ask you to share this post. Say a few kind words in the comments. So that more people will know about us, and we will be able to help many more children!

If you want to participate in the construction of the First Christian Oncology Clinic for children in Ukraine join!

Bank details of the Nonprofit Corporation “Timosha’s Smile”:

Instant Payment Link:


PayPal: timoshas.smile@gmail.com

Zelle: timoshas.smile.@gmail.com


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