A Christmas gift


I have a Christmas present for you!

So beautiful and joyful! Can war change plans to do good and help children with cancer? No! Therefore, despite the war, we work every day to build the first Christian oncology clinic for children in Ukraine. And today, partly (at the development stage), we can see how it will look in the future! Do you understand that the Lord already sees it? That is why the architects designed it just like that!

You can see a building (white) – these are small houses where parents with ill children can live. And on the other side – the building of the second stage of construction (because first, we will build a clinic where children with blood cancer will be treated, and then a building for the treatment of all types of cancer).

A week before the war (February 18, 2022), at a session of Goshcha county council (there will be a hospital in this community), urban planning documentation with a detailed plan of the territory was approved. This was the first important stage.

At the last session of this year’s Goshcha county council (December 2022), the deputies permitted to develop a land management project to change the purpose of the land plot. Later, it will be possible to put it up for auction.

And then the auction.

“Timosha’s Smile” Foundation will be able to become the owners of the land plot. The preliminary estimate is $120,000 (that’s about how much it costs to treat ONE baby with cancer abroad). Expensive? Cheap? Real.

And when you think about the hundreds of Ukrainian children who will be treated in our hospital, these numbers become insignificant. And when there are so many good friends around, then we are ready to act! So, WE ARE OPENING A NEW YEAR’S DONATION ACCOUNT FOR THE PURCHASE OF LAND.

Still don’t know what to give for Christmas or New Year for your Soul? Donation is the best presents for the heart! And in two months (I can’t wait), I will write: “Thank you, dear, the land is ours! The next step is to provide urban planning conditions and restrictions for the production of project documentation, followed by obtaining a construction permit.”

And may God be seen in the entire process of building the hospital!

I can already see your question: “What about the war?” It will definitely end with our victory! do you believe it? Our team – does.  But the children, unfortunately, will not stop fighting cancer…

That is why we are doing everything possible so that after the war we will no longer look for opportunities to treat our children abroad! Ukraine will be revived, and with it, I believe, the approach to the treatment of oncological diseases.

Are you with us?

Bank details of Christian Charitable Foundation “Timosha’s Smile”:

Link to instant payment (Monobank):


PayPal: timoshas.smile@gmail.com

Current account:


5169 3305 2239 4722


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