Let's do good while we have time


A reminder popped up on my watch.

Flight to Genoa tomorrow morning. Not for me, but for a young 18-year-old cancer patient and his mother from Odesa. They turned to the “Timosha’s Smile” Foundation, looking for an opportunity to go abroad for treatment. One of the largest clinics in Italy, Gazlini, opened its doors in Genoa (locally known as Genova).

The foundation paid for plane tickets (about 14,000 hryvnias). And we were all happy that, despite his age, they agreed to take the boy for free treatment.

But a great tragedy happened… On Monday, he ended up in intensive care. Mom asked to postpone the flight. And yesterday he died… Pain… Nobody expected… Nobody planned…

And you know, I look at my watch… Timoshka is on the screen. A reminder of the flight of the boy, who is also no longer with us… And once again I realized how little time we have… There is little time to do good…

For Christmas, the architects gave us a gift – a 3D visualization of the project of our hospital (I will definitely show you). It is beautiful! I shared my joy with loved ones and the team. And one kind woman wrote to me: “You chose a difficult path…” And today I once again understood why… But EACH of us has a difficult path, a heavy burden, and circumstances. But it warms my heart that my difficult path will make the path easier for someone.

We all managed to do good for this boy. And God will reward everyone who donates! And know that “Timosha’s Smile” exists in order to ease the path, suffering, and hardships of young Ukrainian cancer patients. And we will build the first Christian oncology clinic in Ukraine exclusively for this purpose. Because every soul is important. Every child is worthy. Every story, even a sad one, can be embellished with goodness.

Let’s do good while we have time!

Bank details of Christian Charitable Foundation “Timosha’s Smile”:

Instant Payment Link:


PayPal: timoshas.smile@gmail.com

Current account:


5169 3305 2239 4722


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