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Children’s oncology is a topic that is often overlooked. This is not surprising, because the issue is complex, painful, and disturbing. However, it always remains relevant.

📈 Every year in Ukraine, 1,200-1,300 cases of cancer are recorded in children and adolescents. Approximately 2,000 children are being treated in our country at the same time.

Fortunately, there is hope! After all, with correct treatment, 7 out of 10 children recover.

❤️ We thank everyone who is not afraid to raise this topic. We are glad that we have so many helpers who prayerfully, financially, and practically help to fulfill our Dream. We believe that Ukraine has a future, and many families will feel supported in the Christian Oncology Clinic. We want children fighting leukemia to have the best conditions for treatment.

Thank you for dreaming, building, and believing with us!

If you want to participate in the construction of the First Christian Oncology Clinic for children in Ukraine – join!

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PayPal: timoshas.smile@gmail.com

Zelle: timoshas.smile.@gmail.com

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